Bondi Project Featured in Inside Out

By The TribeJune 13, 2019BondiNews

We have to boast. It’s not that we have a big ego but more that we’re really excited about something.

Most of you know that we integrated our design and building companies late last year in response to simply knowing that closer ties between our equally talented crews in design and construction across all phases of a project will only lead to better results.

We believed our merger would be worthwhile and, as it turns out, the media thinks so too. We are really excited to announce that our team designed and built the Bondi home featured on this month’s cover of the 19th Anniversary Edition of Inside Out Magazine. Pick up a copy and read for yourself how an integrated team of designers and builders with fabulous clients can achieve an exceptional home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Read about the project in Inside Out Magazine.

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Bondi Architectural Project Featured in Inside Out