Lawson Street House was a home that was entombed in concrete including built in concrete couches in the living room. It had none of the personality, light or softness that the clients desired for themselves or their baby on the way.

We decided to work with the existing site to maintain the building footprint and avoid Council delays relating to set-back controls. The client brief was to create a unique home distinct from others on the street.

This led to a contemporary design of the exterior façade countering the eclectic heritage feel of surrounding homes. The interior spaces were reconfigured to move the primary living space to the first floor.

The functional spaces were moved to the lower level, which had lower floor to ceiling heights. On the top level we introduced large glazed windows, a courtyard and a NE orientation to create a light and airy entertaining and living space. We punctuated the form with a low-pitched roof with clearstory windows, which added even more light to the area. Internal finishes such as dark timber floors, marble and steel resulted in a home that satisfied both the client and the context of the site.

Photography: Blake Brockdorff – ArchiShot

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Raised floor structure to facilitate subfloor ventilation.
  • North orientation and glazing to maximise winter solar access.
  • Energy efficient fittings.