The parents and two children living in St. Thomas House loved their beachside location but needed more space for their expanding family and their chocolate Labrador. In redesigning their first floor we moved their kitchen and dining to the darker areas of the space and the living to a lighter area to expand and brighten the main family use area. Centralizing the staircase allowed us to design an elevated deck off the lounge with a beautiful leafy outlook. A master bedroom, ensuite and guestroom was added to the first floor and this once tight tiny house became spacious and functional for our clients. Adding a modern flat roof to the rear of the subdivided Californian bungalow gave the home a modern detailing softened with cedar cladding, rendered brick and timber decking.

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Overhangs to block harsh summer sun.
  • Energy efficient fittings.