A surprise sits hidden behind this single storey house on Oberon Street Randwick: a secret pavilion with a modern living sanctuary quite unlike the front of this traditional home. The curved awning framing the new addition adds a bit of fun to the house and softens its boxy shape while the timber details counter the formal brick finish at the front. Inside we designed an open plan living, kitchen and dining area and a self-contained studio with a private entrance. A light filled glass walkway divides the old and the new, while bricks salvaged during demolition are used as a feature wall. We kept the plans single-storey to reduce costs and allow the works to be certified under a CDC; avoiding Council and lengthy approval processes.

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Ample glazing to maximise winter solar access.
  • Energy efficient fittings.
  • Concrete slab for thermal mass.
  • Recycled bricks to minimise waste.

Photography: ArchiShot