This client wanted her Paddington Street Terrace to be a light and timeless oasis where she could live, work and entertain. The reality was an existing home that was cold, dark and in need of a full transformation so we started with the dramatic addition of a light well and green wall in the centre of the terrace. Moving the staircase to create more liveable and functional spaces opened everything up and the home’s character was further defined with the installation of timber floors sourced from French Barnyards and modern touches of steel and glass featured in the atrium and open staircase. The client’s lifestyle didn’t require a large outdoor space so we designed a garage and studio as both rental property and parking space. Exterior materials and colour pallets were chosen to compliment the Heritage conservation area where the home is located.

Environmental Features

  • Green wall to improve light, ventilation and air quality.
  • Use of recycled flooring.
  • Energy efficient fittings.

Photography: ArchiShot