Our clients purchased this house in Randwick with a goal to expand it into a suitable family residence for themselves and their two young boys.

Alterations had to be sensitive to the heritage conservation requirements on the site; the original home having been built in 1880. Lack of space also meant lack of ventilation and the home was opened up with a rear extension and first floor expansion to add light and air to this linear site. A simple palate using reclaimed bricks, face brick, natural cedar windows and doors and steel accents brought this home into the modern century while paying homage to its heritage foundations. A rear studio acts as a residence for the families Au Pair while adding visual interest and privacy in the garden from the surrounding buildings.

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Photovoltaic Panels.
  • Concrete slab and insulation.
  • High efficiency fixtures.
  • High specification glazing.
  • Reuse of existing materials from the building fabric.
  • Overhangs to block the harsh summer sun whilst allowing the winter sun to penetrate deep into the home.
  • Strategic planting and shading in landscape design.
  • Orientation.

Project Photography: Jem Cresswell