In this project we transformed a patchwork of 1970’s construction and a water damaged foundation into an elevated family home with beautiful views of the harbour and all season indoor/outdoor living. Architecturally the team maximised a rectilinear form to take full advantage of the potential internal space while creatively transforming the existing garage into a green roof for the main dwelling. Re-pitching the roof to the rear further opened up the circulation in this property. Modern, warm earth tones reflect the client’s New Zealand and South African roots.

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Water tanks feeding all WC, laundry and green roof.
  • Walls and ceiling insulated.
  • Ample glazing to maximise winter solar access.
  • Strategic plantings for shading and low water use.
  • Energy efficient fittings.
  • Raised floor structure for subfloor ventilation.
  • Concrete slab for thermal mass.