The brief for this project in Clovelly involved a tear down the small and run-down house on the property to build a modern dream home with views of the ocean.

Clean and uncluttered design informed the architecture for the site and the design team identified a form with strong vertical lines and a flat roof with concealed box gutters. Raising the kitchen and living to the top floor and adding the maximum glazing possible, the majestic view of the coast was achieved. The steep site was a challenge but was resolved by raising the garage and pool at the rear to step down to a flat lawn to meet the floor level of the secondary living space. Planters cascading down the side of the house unite the rear and front elevations and soften the strong lines of the structure. Cedar cladding further adds texture and natural elements to this grand beach house.

We had the pleasure of seeing this project from start to finish being designed and constructed by our in-house architecture and build teams.

Environmental Features

  • Cross ventilation paths through the home.
  • Overhangs to block the harsh summer sun whilst allowing the winter sun to penetrate deep into the home.
  • Orientation.

Project Photography: Jem Cresswell