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Exploring Maroubra for architects? Check out some of our noteworthy projects in the vicinity. Whether it’s extending, renovating, or starting anew, we ensure timely and budget-friendly completion of your residential projects.

New builds & renovations in Maroubra

Beside the captivating coastline of Maroubra, a symphony of historical allure and modern living unfolds through meticulous high-budget renovations. Visionary homeowners embark on the restoration of Victorian and Federation-era residences, skillfully preserving their original charm while seamlessly integrating contemporary luxuries. The rejuvenation of heritage-listed mansions creates a harmonious blend of classic aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, offering residences that epitomize enduring elegance and modern comfort.

Furthermore, Maroubra’s architectural panorama is adorned by chic townhouses and contemporary apartments. The suburb’s urban canvas showcases townhouse complexes characterised by minimalist design and eco-friendly features, fostering a commitment to sustainable living. Modern apartments, distinguished by innovative design and cutting-edge amenities, elevate the cosmopolitan ambiance of Maroubra. This architectural fusion paints a vibrant portrait where the rich tapestry of tradition and the sleek lines of modernity seamlessly converge.

Excellence in Design and Build

By The TribeMay 20, 2019BondiBronteNewsRandwick
Preparations for a Master Builders award It’s all hands-on deck today as our build team puts the finishing touches on this Bronte residence designed and built by our talented crew at Design Tribe Projects. What’s motivating all this action is the soon to arrive panel of judges from the Master Builders Association of…

For the Bees

By The TribeApril 17, 2019GeneralNewsRandwick
This post is for the bees. Whilst the beehive has inspired design for eons, the beehive described in this post was reversely inspired by architecture. It's actually the design of the balustrade at our Director’s residence in Little Bay where this story begins. About four months ago, a feral bee hive began construction…

Stepping From Function To Art

By The TribeApril 9, 2019ArchitectureProjectsRandwick
Experienced Architects and designers transform the most functional elements within a house into something special and often important to the experience of the entire space. Staircases are one of those functional items that designers love to play with and recently we were very excited to see one in this Randwick project in Sydney’s…

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