A Cultural Exchange

By The TribeMay 23, 2019GeneralNews

Last year Design Tribe Projects sponsored a program at UNSW granting a student in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture the opportunity to immerse themselves in a cultural design experience in Cambodia. Through this partnership with UNSW and Sa Sa Art Projects in Cambodia, Diana (below in the white t-shirt) earned this placement and travelled to Cambodia. Diana immersed herself in the study of a global design practice via exhibition branding and the curation of an art and urban festival in Phnom Penh called Currents. Diana and Eva from UNSW visited our offices this week to talk about the program, present some of the work and pictures documenting the experience. We’re very proud of what Diana accomplished and look forward to the next iteration of the program that may see a cultural exchange between UNSW and a student from Cambodia.

UNSW BIA Program

Sa Sa Art Projects

A Cultural Exchange