Open Borders

By The TribeApril 20, 2020NewsProjects

We value our long term relationship with our friends at UNSW Built Environment. In fact, many of the talented designers on our team came out of their program.

Over the last few years we have funded a cross-cultural travel grant for one special interior architecture student to take an elective course in Cambodia and join design peers from Phnom Penh in a curated exhibition. Last year Prashati Verma came back from this experience having presented her research on architecture and living conditions. Specifically as it relates to community designed spaces and how children use them.

Whilst we can’t travel much these days, we hope you enjoy this virtual trip of her work in Cambodia. We congratulate Prashati on making the most of this opportunity. Great work to all involved!

Placement students explore Phnom Penh

Prashasti Verma presents at Arts Centre Dambaul

Prashasti with her placement hosts Pagna and Lyno

PrashastiVerma research outputs