Crafting Interiors with Your Architect

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While we’re primarily known for designing residential or commercial spaces, half of our team are also Graduates of Interior Architecture. So, when a client asks us to style a home of our design, things get a bit buzzy around the office. Who doesn’t love playing with colour, material and furnishings!

The Architect’s Advantage

Convenience, time and cost are just a few of the advantages to assigning your interior styling needs to your Architect.

A recent Stubbs Design Tribe project in Clovelly provided the opportunity to craft a gorgeous mix of interior pieces to showcase a sea view home our team designed and which was built by our friends at Design Tribe Projects.

Overseeing the construction of the project meant we had primary access to the home and could fast track furnishings and accessory orders. Also spending well over a year’s time collaborating with our client on designing their home gave us the personal insight necessary to craft the interior spaces. We had a generous understanding of how they liked to live and how interior design would play out with the home’s footprint. Furnishings were discussed early in the design process and incorporated into the overall budget for the project. And to our client’s delight, our trade price advantage also lowered their spend on their interiors.

Do It Yourself

Experiment with our Top 3 tips for interior styling in your own space.

  1. Start at home: look at your existing furnishings that have character or family value. Work with these as statement pieces and blend them into a new scheme or use them to create a framed vignette (grouping of objects) as a feature in your home.
  2. Source broadly: from local niche showrooms to chain commercial stores, there will be pieces to cater towards any vision you may have of your space. And there’s always the internet for those online impulse spends!
  3. Think laterally: look beyond the obvious and couple furniture pieces in ways that break convention and tradition. Being creative with furniture, lighting and accessories will all positively contribute to your dwelling and activate a sense of depth and breadth to your space.

Check out a couple of our favourite pieces from the project at the links below.

Otway Sofa 

Jorgen Sideboard

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