Getting Your Chill On: Project Grand Opening!

By The TribeFebruary 27, 2018ArchitectureNewsProjects

Butterflies typically arrive when our commercial clients open their doors for the first time but in this case, it’s more of a happy chill we’re feeling. Last year we were contracted to design a second shop for our wellness client  – CRYO. And today they open the doors to their new location in Rosebery.

Our design concept for CRYO involved a central space known as the ‘CRYO cabin’. An illuminated single destination area for clients in which they travel to the treatment via the CRYO walk, featuring recessed blue LED lighting. Evoking the cooling experience on every level, our design married effortlessly with the client’s brand.

Congratulations CRYO team on the launch of your new location!

Feel free to check out pictures of the project in our portfolio

Shared by: Jennifer, Stubbs Design Tribe

CRYO is Australia’s leader in Cryotherapy technologies and treatments and if you’re game to add this to your health and wellness regime you can visit them online

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